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First day in Jodhpur... Perhaps our favourite city yet (after McLeod Ganj, of course...). In the end we didn't attempt to find the recommended hostel, as we realised that it would be almost 9pm by the time we would make it into the city's centre... where we would have to start wandering about (always fun with full packpacks) in the hope of finding this place in the dark... We opted for calling a different place (from the guidebook) from the train. By the time we arrived in Jodhpur (with approx. 60min delay), we were extremely glad of it- especially of the pick-up service... Definitely the right idea, as even today by daylight we didn't come across the other place.

The hostel we're staying in instead is - other than the lack of family atmosphere and cooking classes- amazing! It's an old haveli (some rich person's villa from what I could find out)- and the rooms are beautifully decorated with cushioned window benches and all... Our room is easily to be recognised as it's the one with the bucket outside of it. To catch the condensation of the AC...  But hey!, rather outside the room than over the bed or something... and after a couple of attempts, one even figures out an angle from which it's possible to open the door without taking a shower (the drip is pretty constant)...

 As to the actual town- it is quite crowded and busy but other than that really beautiful! Jodhpur is known as the 'blue city', and, contrary to Jaipur which is supposedly pink and was a little disappointing on that front, it is actually quite blue! Indigo to be precise- the colour of Brahim priests (and as we found out today- it even works as an insect repellent). We wondered around most of the old town today- mainly by accident. We ment to go to some gardens but they turned out to be closed on Tuesdays... so we decided to take a different way back- off the main roads. Besides more camels (and yes Sophie, definite lack of foot paths here as well), we ended up walking past the places were people were dying the threads to produce fabrics... There was the red corner, the pink one and so on... One or two old men were sitting on the ground at each of the places, soaking balls of thread in bowls with the dye. After, they hung them on massive frames to dry... After, we walked through the district were they sold the ready materials. After that, we ended up in the quarter which obviously was the bike (cycle and motor) market. All very fascinating... And all the time you walk through these places, people stare at you (as pretty much everywhere we've been here). But in Jodhpur people come across a lot friendlier than in most other places- waving and saying hi as we went along (without trying to drag us into shops). Especially the children... And for some reason, people in the hotel and any restaurants or other places we've been here are a lot friendlier than they were in the previous towns we've visited. It's a nice change to have smiley chatty waiters- after over a week in which we felt like we were just about tolerated (and met with no reaction even if we attempted to speak Hindi) when we sat down for breakfast...

Oh, and the kites. Most houses here have rooftop terraces and whenever it is a little windy, but especially around sunset, children are flying kites from the tops of their houses... It's so pretty.... especially with the backdrop of the blue city and a mountain with a fort...

 Enough for today... Eyes are getting better- it has nearly assumed it's normal shape again. The downside of the swelling going down is that now one can actually see that they are bright red... Getting very sick of sunglasses- but other than that it's not so bad. I'm still able to do everything I wanted which is the main thing...

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Kraki (8.9.10 21:41)
Na toll...I just discovered that you've written a novel so far! I thought I'd be informed via email...well, now I got something to read

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