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showers, laundry and yoga

 As can be gathered from the title nothing too exciting is happening at the moment. The main event for us this week was our toilets getting a proper light (as in one that switches on everytime that you press the light switch- provided there is electricity that is). Until then there was a sort of fuse box which had two light switches but it would be a surprise everytime to see which light would come on if you pressed them (assuming one would come on at all). Also, our rooms were fitted with a proper floor today!! (we were told that this would happen about one hour beforehand so that me and vivian had to take it in turns running out of class to clear our stuff out of the room so that the workers could do their job...). The only downside to all this building is that unfortunately our water boiler seems to have been damaged in the process... Someone's on it at the moment- I guess we'll see in a bit if there will be any more hot showers... (though apparently we're more or less the only people in this town with a hot shower- so I really shouldn't complain).

But the thing we've all started missing the most is dry air. Due to the monsoon the air is constantly extremely humid. It's not too hot here (on the contrary) so it's not really a bit deal just for living in it. But the major challenge is washing clothes. We can easily wash our stuff by hand but if we hang it up it still won't be dry after three days... it just goes straight to smelling as though one had left it in the washing machine for too long... The alternative is bringing our washing to our laundry guy across the road. This is amazing in that it really doesn't cost much and he'll even deliver our clean, dry (!) clothes to our room within a day. On the downside his dryer is so hot that everything comes back one size smaller than when one dropped it off... So now we're looking into the option of a hairdryer to dry all our stuff after we washed it- just the last time I did that the fuse blew, so that's not ideal either... Oh well- I guess dry clothes will just have to wait until we get back again ^^

Perhaps more interestingly, I have joined a yoga class. (I realise some you will find this hilarious- for various reasons). Kart, the only guy volunteering with us (from Mumbai but studying in London), found this class and convinced me to come along to try it out. Vivian and me went for the first time yesterday afternoon and as no one else had showed up we got a private lesson... I found it really good fun (Vivian a bit less so) and have started going every morning before our first class (if anyone had told me a couple of weeks ago that I would choose to miss breakfast to do a two hour yoga class before teaching I definitely wouldn't have believed them ). The teacher's Indian and really good at pitching the class at the right level for the students there on the day. But I really wish I could record his (English) instructions and share them with you- they're pretty special... "Pleeeeease- now lift right feet down. Pleeeeeeeease - now left feet." - it takes a bit of getting used to but after about half an hour you mostly get what he's saying...^^

Enough for today - I'll go find out if our shower is up and running again... Looking forward to your replies!

 P.S. I really wanted to upload some photos today but for some reason this page won't let me


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