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India - or: How Indian streetkids turned into Tibetan monks...

So.... nearly two weeks in and I've finally managed to a) set up a blog, b) work up the motivation t... weiterlesen
14.8.10 15:04


Mount Billing Ghad, "Wild Cattle Beast" and PARAGLIDING!

Yes, that's right: I jumped off a mountain and paraglided yesterday! :D I consciously left that plan... weiterlesen
16.8.10 15:36

showers, laundry and yoga

 As can be gathered from the title nothing too exciting is happening at the moment. The main ev... weiterlesen
19.8.10 13:51

Amritsar and more monks...

So our third week here is already over and it's just crazy how fast the time went by. I feel like th... weiterlesen
23.8.10 17:55

Goodbyes, the Dalai Lama and a Photo Shoot

Aaaaaah, I just spent at least half an hour writing and it all just cancelled itself! Right, here we... weiterlesen
29.8.10 08:46

More scarves, busses, trains and Jaipur

First of all, in case someone was wondering, we made it into Rajastan in one piece!We had another am... weiterlesen
30.8.10 15:23


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